Tre Kronor is a newly built wooden brig. The ship’s construction was in every detail inspired by the trading brigs of the mid 19th-century. She undertook her maiden voyage in the summer of 2008 and meets all modern safety and comfort requirements. HRH Crown Princess Victoria is the godmother of the ship and follows our journeys and other activities closely. In 2011, HRH Crown Princess Victoria and the organization behind Briggen Tre Kronor took the first step in the Sustainable Seas Initiative with the aim of striving for a sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region. The Sustainable Seas Initiative is today the most important part of the operation of the ship. One important part of this is to engage and encourage young people to work for a sustainable future.

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Lenght: 35,0 m
Height: 29,5 m
Widht: 8,25 m
Sails area: 735 m²
Max draft: 3,30 m
Tons burthen: 325 tons
Engine: Scania 1270H, power 400 KM (294 kW)