Shtandart is a replica of the 1703 frigate built by Peter the Great. In 1994, the Shtandart Project had the necessary elements to begin building the ship at St Petersburg - a location, skilled people, start-up money and the plans and diagrams of the vessel. No actual plans of the original Shtandart had survived, but coincidentally an experienced naval historian, Victor Krainyukov, had been commissioned in 1987 by the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg to find out everything possible about this ship. He researched Russian archives and records and also gleaned information about ship design and construction from Dutch, French and British authors of the time. He also found an 18th-century engraving which showed the Shtandart in naval action. From all these combined sources, basic plans were drawn up and a model constructed in 1991. All this information became the basis of the design of the new replica Shtandart.

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Type: frigate
Sail area: 660 m²
Sails: 14
Masts 3
Max masts height: 33 m
Lenght: 34,5 m
Widht: 6,95 m
Draft: 3,3 m
Displaceent: 220 t
Max speed:: 10 w
Crew: 6