Dar Młodzieży, Poland


The three-masted sail training ship was built in Gdansk Shipyard. The first hoisting of the flag took place on 4th July, 1982 and her Godmother was Helena Jurkiewicz - the wife of the Commander of the “Dar Pomorza”, Kazimierz Jurkiewicz -who had rendered great service to our country. On 22nd July 1983 the ship participated in the tall ships rally in Osaka. Under the command of Captain Tadeusz Olechnowicz the “Dar Młodzieży” took aboard 119 students of Gdynia Maritime Academy, who spent one full semester of their education at sea.

More information: http://www.am.gdynia.pl/text/15-5_pl.php



Sail type: Frigate
Sails area: 3014 m2
Sails: 26
Masts: 3
Displacement: 2946 t
Lenght: 108 m
Width: 14 m
Draft: 6,6 m
Propulsion: Cegielski-Sulzer, Diesel typu 8 AL 20/24, 2 x 750 KM
Crew: regular member 40+4, traineers 120 + 30